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Working from Home

January 4th, 2008 at 12:49 pm

A slightly boring/less entertaining post for today:

I'm working from home today!

It sounds a lot better than it really is. I was feeling kinda sick when I woke up this morning. After collapsing on the ground initially, I pulled myself back into bed for round 2 of sleep.

By the time I've rested enough to gain enough strength, I wrapped myself in my blanket to head to my desk where I e-mailed out some of my favorite words: "I'm working from home today."

So, in turn, this becomes what is known as a "no-spend day". I made another dent into clearing leftovers from my fridge for lunch.

And! I sold my TV on craigslist. That's some extra money coming in. What a great day.

Apart from being in constant communication via IM and e-mail all day, and pretending to really be doing work, I'm beginning to think that working from home isn't the best for me. I get bored too easily. And that's a bad thing.

2 Responses to “Working from Home”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    I really hate working from home (well did for years which burns you out. LOL).

    I get way more done at work, and I hate it when the lines between home and work blur.

    I came home to work because the weather is terrible. I actually rushed out after the transformer blew - it's been a terrible day. But in my rush I forgot a lot of important things. Thinking of calling it a day...

    I am never productive at home, if nothing else. Too much other cool stuff to do. Wink

  2. Amber Says:

    it's funny because when I read the heading I immediately thought I would love to work at home
    Looks like today was in your favor, good for you on selling the TV and not spending any money today

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