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Imma Making a Comeback - Debt, Rent, and Raises

June 18th, 2008 at 04:30 pm

That's right. It's been 4 months since I last got on this site. A lot has happened in 4 months.

For one, the debt is decreasing...but much slower. One of the reasons why I suddenly remembered this site/blog is the ridiculous amount of money that I just dropped on repairing my car this past week. $700 doesn't seem like that much for car repairs, but when the car is only worth $1000, it stings a bit.

So, this would be the first time I would technically had a legitimate reason to be digging into the $1000 "emergency fund". But my rationalization is this: it's already on a credit card - I'll just continue paying the debt and keep the emergency money for...a real emergency? Who am I kidding - I'm saving it for a new car.

Also, to help financially, I'm moving out of my current apartment (that wants $1070/month for the 1/1 lease renewal!) into another apartment with a new roommate that's only $1170/month for a 2/2. That's like $500 less rent per month! Bring it on credit cards. Bring it on.

At least work is still stable. I have my annual review coming up in a month. This would be the time to talk about raises and the like. Considering this will be the first time I'm ever going in for a raise opportunity, I don't even know what the format is. Do I bring up the topic? Do I ask for a certain amount? How much should I be looking for? What do I factor in as cost of living increases? Any experts on this matter of raises can help me out a little?

I think this final push towards the end of the year with the lower rent and potential raise can help nail down a substantial portion of this debt. Go team!