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Baby, it's cold outside...in the south.

January 3rd, 2008 at 06:21 am

This morning, I woke up shivering under my down blanket.

I thought to myself, "Maybe southern California wasn't so bad after all."

Why in the world is it so cold in Atlanta? After I mummified myself in my blanket, I spring-hopped over to my computer to see what the temperature was.

15 degrees.

For you northerners, I'm sure you're laughing so hard that you're about to pee your pants. But in our defense, as someone who has never lived in a state that didn't border Mexico (is it fair to count Florida as Mexico?), 15 degrees is absurd. It didn't even get this cold when I was in Beijing in the dead of winter last year. I'm surprised the entire Bible belt didn't shut down from sheer panic. I can already see ministers standing on soap boxes on street corners reading passages out of Revelation and urging repentance.

Anyhow, being as absurdly cheap as I am sometimes, I refused to turn on the heat in my apartment, rationalizing to myself that two big blankets was sufficient to keep toucans comfortable in the Arctic. I watched the thermometer in my apartment drop to about 60 last night and went hibernating.

The thermometer read 54 this morning. I should really be less cheap, for the sake of my own health.

And I'm starving. I thought about ducking out of work this morning to go find something to eat, but it's still sub-20 temps right now. Sigh.

12 Responses to “Baby, it's cold outside...in the south.”

  1. denisentexas Says:

    It's cold here in East Texas, too. Not that cold but too cold for my southern self! At 8:30 its warmed up to 26. Brrr!

  2. reginaastralis Says:

    Yeah, I agree ... us Souherners don't know how to deal with the cold. I sent my daughter to school in a shirt, sweatshirt and jacket ...and I was afraid she'd still be cold. She got mad when I tried to put a bigger jacket on. Brrr ...

  3. merch Says:


    I am one of those northerns laughing. I had to wait for my train this morning outside. It was only 7 degrees with a nice wind.

    The train of course was a little late.

    Even my garage was 34 degrees this morning.

    Try to stay warm and don't lick any metal poles (or your tongue will freeze to it).

  4. Ima saver Says:

    Hi, I live in blairsville, Ga. about 2 hours north of you, in the mountains. We got an inch of snow yesterday morning and the whole town shut down. What would we do with 4 feet of snow!!

  5. george Says:

    I can't wait for summer when you northerners complain about something as meager as "mid 90's". =)

  6. miclason Says:

    ...it's "cold" here in El Salvador, too!!...Ale wants gloves....GLOVES!..in EL SALVADOR!!!

  7. collegemomma Says:

    I did my time living in NH for 16 years and now I've been in Florida even longer and I'm sorry but it's COLD down here...LOL! I just got too used to the warm weather. I think I'll stay in my nice warm house for the day. Besides it'll warm up by the weekend and all will be right again! Smile

  8. sagegirl Says:

    Merch--I watched Christmas story over the holiday and it is one of my fav parts when they "double-dog-dare" Flick to stick his tongue to the pole. Classic!

    It was 27 this AM in our part of N Texas, according to the bank sign. Chilly.

    We have the automatic programmable thermostat set to keep the house bearable at different times of the day. Best $40 bucks we ever spent, that programmable thermostat.

  9. scfr Says:

    We're in Central Texas. Last night I pulled a blanket out of the closet and piled it on top of the down comforter, plus I slept w/ long underwear under my flannel PJs. We still haven't turned our heat on once this winter. Those of you up North with high heating bills, don't be jealous ... We'll talk again in August when our A/C bills here will be sky-high even while keeping the temp set at 85F.

  10. Toyguy1963 Says:

    I'm one of those Northerners too. But I HATE the COLD!!!!

    Its 14 degrees here in Ohio at noon today. Fortunately its supposed to warm up to like 34 for friday. That will feel like a heatwave in comparison.

  11. luxliving Says:

    I'm in the mid-south and yeah, I pulled out the big coat - I NEVER EVER WEAR the big coat!!!, AND my gloves (WHERE did I put them 10 years ago the last time I used them??) this morning to go pick up CashHappy at work. His car is in the shop AGAIN! Geeeee, it was c-c-c-c-cold out there. I'm in where it's all snug now w/my rice bag that I heated in the microwave across my feet!

  12. baselle Says:

    We are north, but in the 40s. The Pacific Northwest is positively sheltered - if it gets below 30F the natives complain and if it gets above 80F the natives complain. We're hot house flowers here, I tell you. Its just dark and rainy.

    My sister would laugh, if she knew about us all here. 15F in Wisconsin is open coat weather.

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