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3 Places to Avoid on No-Spend Days

January 5th, 2008 at 05:36 pm

1. the mall
2. supermarket when you're hungry
3. Costco

Guess where I went today. I'll give you three guesses.

That's right, all three.

Okay, so today wasn't really a premeditated no-spend day. I guess I had intended it to be more of a no-spend weekend. But alas, to curb the boredom, as well as to appease any thoughts that I actually needed to buy things, I went out.

But I'm proud of myself. I did good. Here's today's damage report:

2 jars of peanut butter from Costco - $7
some utensils from Ikea - $7
2 hot dogs from Ikea - $1
DVD from Redbox - $1

Maybe it was worse than I thought now that I listed all this stuff out. But on the upside, I returned something at the mall for $27. So I came out on top! I like my rationalization. =)

NEXT weekend will really be a no-spend weekend. This time it's premeditated.

4 Responses to “3 Places to Avoid on No-Spend Days”

  1. baselle Says:

    Only 7$ from Costco? You did great!

  2. EnglishTeacher Says:

    While "supermarket" may refer to this, I'd add Wal-Mart to the list.

  3. george Says:

    baselle - yeah, I did't mention the $60 I spent at Costco earlier this week...eek.

  4. hoyachica03 Says:

    I know it's really cold where most people in the States are now, but sometimes just going out for a nice brisk walk could be a solution to some of the spending... or watching a DVD (again!) Smile Just thought I'd share... Smile

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